Many of my students have generated $5000 per week and more,
as a direct result of my proven and transferrable SYSTEM.

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I want to help you remove the roadblock that is currently holding you back, so you can have a significant breakthrough in your business and move towards your first $5000 week.

3. What's the catch?
There isn't one.  

I won’t charge you anything for our first chat. And it will be completely confidential.

I want to give you the chance to breakthrough, get to know me and see if you can be comfortable with me as your guide in your business building journey.

If you are comfortable, you feel that you have received massive value from our time together, you want to continue to learn what I teach my clients, and we're a good fit... things will happen naturally.  I will never sell to you. 
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Who Will Massively Benefit: 
1. Full-Time SERVICE Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
2. Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Mentors, Wellness Experts
3. Those who are not yet generating enough income in their business to leave their job
4. Those Who Listen and Are Coachable
5. Those Ready To Positively Change the Direction And Future of Their Business 

Who Will Not Benefit: 
1. Those who do not have or want any sort of business
2. Those who do not want money in exchange for their services
3. Those who are not ready to take action
4. Those who are not ready to be coachable
5. Those who are not ready to change their lives and businesses in a positive direction
6. Those who have a problem for all the solutions

Meet Founder Nat Binette & Master Coach Peter Borda
“I’m here to teach you a SYSTEM for you to create online and in person revenue streams, so you can generate a strong and steady income, consistently, while you create the global impact you were born to create, and you enjoy a life of contribution, making a real difference in other human’s lives.” – Nat
Repeat million-dollar online & offline entrepreneur, multi-million dollar investor, fundraising speaker and donor to local and global causes, mentor to successful business owners who provide online and in-person services, wife to Carlo, step mom to Cara and Jacob, and mom to three gorgeous fur-balls; Charlie, Buddy and Raphaël. Born in Canada. Based in Australia. Citizen of the world.

Nat has spent the last 30 years training and mentoring a legacy of financially successful, thriving service providers.  

Nat is a veteran revenue enhancement specialist, a human high performance & wellbeing coach.

Nat has worked with hundreds of business owners, large corporations and universities such as Deakin University, the Canadian Government’s New Entrepreneurs Program, Commonwealth Bank, Rogers Telecommunications, Wanted Technologies, Westpac Bank, and more.

Nat can teach you exactly what it takes for you to start your successful, lasting, online or in person service business.
“Live what you teach.” – Peter
Talk about energy! 
As a passionate husband to Jo and dedicated dad to Reuben, Franklin and Sophia, Peter’s mission in life is to help others find the clarity they seek in order to grow into the person they need to be.  

His uniquely motivated approach to coaching allows those he works with to move beyond the stories they have told themselves that do not serve them and embrace the true version of themselves so they can serve others and the world! 

Expect a highly practical and energetic conversation when you engage with Peter and be sure to have a note pad and pen ready to record the gold he will help you to discover from within yourself! You may start the conversation sitting down but by the end of it you will be standing and absolutely fired up about your future!
The NAT BINETTE  team is committed to supporting service providers to START, SUCCEED, LEVERAGE & SCALE their business so they can build their global brands and leave an amazing legacy.
– Nat Binette , Founder
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