If you’re a mentor, coach or consultant… this is for you

This is my response to a post in a Facebook group of coaches…  Someone is asking questions about protecting their intellectual property, trademarks… and marketing. Since I don’t specialise in IP protection and trademarking, I won’t have an opinion on those 2 topics… but when it comes to marketing… I have an opinion.

The names of the participants to the conversation have been changed to protect their identity.  Here’s how the cookie crumbles…

“War and peace statement… here we go 🙂 With big caring hugs Rockstars…

I live and die by this saying:  “Do what you love and what makes you money. Outsource everything else!” And I know it’s a necessary mindset to adopt if you want to make more than $10,000 a month.

Don’t tell me it’s impossible in a start up. Ask me how…

Hear me out…


Questions before advice…

I won’t have an opinion on copyrighting… although I’d be tempted to ask Matt this question: “is this the most important thing to dedicate time and money to at this stage of your business?” If yes, go for it… as long as you can earn money, big money, at the same time as the process takes place.



The trademark for my logo took 9 months to obtain… did it stop me from building a business from $0 to $10,000 a week in that time? Nope.

And that’s all I’ll say about the protection of ideas and trademarking stuff… because it’s not my expertise.


Now for the marketing part of Julie’s post… here’s what I would humbly highlight:

–> It’s not congruent with how, the hugely successful, marketing is done at XYZ (business where Julie works).


We’ve signed up to this group to learn from Suzie’s outstanding success in her XYZ business. Here is why I think Julie’s post is not contributing to our commercial success:

Julie said: “The best marketers are unfortunately the entrepreneurs themselves”

  • Nope. They delegate. They’ve got a team of experts. Their focus is laser sharp on monetising their personal ninja skills.

Julie said: “You kind of have to put in the hard yards on that one…”

  • Nope. You have to understand how it works and what it’s worth, not how to do it.

Julie said: “Infusionsoft”

  • Hell no. Not when there are easy to manage options, top shelf CRMs at $100 a year… completely integrated with marketing automation tools for $5/month! (Unless your turnover is significant, and it makes Infusionsoft’s monthly fee look insignificant… you don’t need the big expense on purchase, set up and operational maintenance)


The 5 keys to generating more than $10,000 per week in your mentoring / coaching / consulting business and the 3 new strategies you must implement to move away from your “time for money practice”:

  • Suzie does not do her own marketing. She has a team of experts, in house and outsourced, who specialise in the following: copywriting (as in… what to say and how to say it to get their ideal client’s attention), graphic design, keeping up with Facebook’s mood swings, keeping up with Google’s mood swings, killer opt-ins, automation and all other tools required in a killer sales funnel.
    1. When she founded her coaching practice and her business, if she had focussed on being the best marketer out there, her business would be called the marketing gurus and she would be the best marketer out there… Suzie’s huge success is in part because she delegates the “stuff” and concentrates on investing her time on the money making items such as creating new products, forming commercial alliances, etc….
  • Suzie is clear on her hourly rate value and a marketing expert / outsourced firm is a lot cheaper to hire than what she is worth by the hour… (And she is not silly enough to sell her time by the hour) No one who makes north of $10,000 a month or a week, sells their time by the hour.
  • If you’re concerned about the cost of outsourcing anything in your coaching business, you need more clients. If you’re seeing the cost of the experts as an obstacle, you’re not looking at the income you’ll generate from their expertise.
  • If you think you can’t afford experts, I have big money making suggestions for you:
    • Go one to many – If you don’t know how, ask me.
    • Go zero to many – If you don’t know how, ask me.
    • Sign clients up for pre paid packages / monthly coaching memberships
      • Transition your free clients to paying clients… and go get more clients (if you don’t know how to get more clients or where to get new clients from, ask me).
      • Get your clients into prepaid packages… at, as an example, $2000 for 7 sessions + a Facebook community of your avatar + a weekly 15 minute high focus + high value webinar… and your money troubles will vanish… leaving your mind free to concentrate on hiring the right team to support your marketing efforts to scale your practice to over $10,000 a month.
  • You don’t have to put in the hard yards for marketing and tech stuff, unless:
    • You want to run a marketing and tech business, or
    • You’re a DIY type and you’re adamant you don’t want to earn more than $50k this year.


Focussing our time, energy and money on the wrong element, at any time while we are in business could stunt our growth, or worse case scenario; it could mean becoming part of the statistics (80% of coaches fail in the first 3 year of their coaching business).

I want Suzie’s multi million dollars results… so I’m gonna do what Suzie did and does. Balls on the line and all. Standing up for what I know to be right and true.

Hopefully, if you’ve been kind enough to read this whole post, you’ve found it valuable.

From the heart, big caring hugs Rockstars xx”