Paralysed entrepreneur?
Not yet launched because bla, bla, bla…
Under the impression you have to jump off a cliff to start your business?
Been told you MUST commit 100% and leave paid employment before you start your business… ha!
This is for you 🙂

Just got off the phone with a woman who’s thinking about starting her own business, at some point in the coming 2 years. I could sense through the conversation, that she is feeling overwhelmed. And it’s scrambling her brain. Because of the overwhelm feeling, she could not see her next step, which in fact, would be her first step.

Sometimes, we just need another person, a coach, a mentor, to give us a small, tiny, subtle push… to kick start us into action.

Stefanie’s next step, her very first step, to launch her business, while still employed, is going to be to start a Social Media Blog. For the next 12 months, as she learns more about her market, their pain points, what she can offer of value to them and how she’ll package her offer… she will blog everyday.

That’s her first step. Why?

Two reasons:
1- She needs to be able to answer these 4 questions… and right now, she can’t.
a) Who’s your market (who will buy your stuff)
b) What’s their pain point, challenges, needs
c) What do you want to do for them that will make a difference in their lives
d) How will you package your offer to make it irresistible for your market

2- She needs to build trust with her market and this takes time.
If she starts “blogging” everyday, with an authentic, valuable message, sharing her passion and herself, she will connect with her unique market and they will interact with her.

My point here, for Stefanie, for you, any entrepreneur is this:
Get out there. Start. Share yourself. Share your passion. Start.

No plan ever survives the first contact with the market… but constant contact with your market will help you plan and execute successfully your next step.

Big caring hugs Rockstars!


How would this apply to your business?