WTF is a comfort zone?!

I’m an entrepreneur. I constantly push my limits. Constantly stretch my mind… and constantly find myself in situations that I’ve never been in before.  Either because I put me there… or because my clients come up with a new twist on a topic in my area of expertise.

Basically, I’m never in my comfort zone… or on the rare occasion that it happens, it doesn’t last very long!

Why am I writing about this today? Why write about what’s happening in MY head today? Because you’re going through the same thing and it’s driving you mad, it’s testing your need for certainty, it sometimes paralyses you … but I want you to know that you’re not alone 🙂

We’ve got a serious case of entrepreneuritis. And there’s no cure. And there’s no need for a cure because we love it! You and I absolutely love the stimulation we get from running our own show. We know that every bit of success we have, we’ve created. We know that every event we have lined up over the coming weeks, we’ve chosen. We know that the city we live in, is the place we choose to call home. And most of all, the clients we serve, we love. We contribute, we deliver value, we’re living life on our terms.

How many of your friends can say the same about their life? How many of them feel as empowered as you do about all aspects of their lives?  We’re the “lucky” ones.

Avoiding the curse of the entrepreneur:

Our “job” in never finished. The “objective” … never really the end of the road. But we need to allow ourselves to celebrate the milestones paving our golden path to entrepreneurial success.

Entrepreneurs, it’s Friday… go out and enjoy a bit of free head space… celebrate your biggest win for the week… stop for a minute and smell the gorgeous roses!  You deserve it. You’re an absolute rockstar!

Big caring hugs,