As you know, I work with experts to package their intellectual property and expertise into products. And I started by packaging my own expertise, selling it and delivering it… successfully, for years, on 2 continents. That’s me sorted…


Over to you…

So, why, when you hire an expert like me to help you package your thoughts, are you not being successful? The short answer doesn’t exist… but here are some clues I’ve observed in my clients who aren’t achieving success:

Groupies instead of thought leader

Some people buy every single program/seminar/webinar/system/coach under the sun… and thanks to FB algorithms, they are being shown every single option in their feed (based on likes and previous clicks and stuff…).

Why is this an issue? 3 reasons:

1- It’s distracting. It’s the next shinny object syndrome … and it’s confusing. The “experts” programs that you buy rarely have the results they claim they could deliver for you. Yeah yeah… they tell you the results aren’t  typical… and you should believe them. In fact, some promises are so outrageous and unattainable that they may end up killing your enthusiasm altogether because you’ll feel like a failure if “you’re not making 6 figures in 8 weeks” for example…

2- Too many cooks ruin the sauce. If you are lucky enough to stumble across 2 or 3 experts than can actually deliver what they promise, and you do the appropriate amount of work required to succeed, but you’re doing a bit of what expert 1 says… and a bit of what expert 2 says… you may find that the experts have different methodologies… so, how do you know who to listen to in order to achieve your goals? Get off the merry go round… work with 1 person for at least 3 months… Then re-assess based on your actual progress. Work hard and have high, but reasonable/fair expectations.

3- Stop looking for a miracle pill. Stop looking for a solution outside of yourself. Stop spending money on stuff you don’t need right now (and might never need). Roll up your sleeves, get a mindset coach to help you work through your limiting beliefs (fear of success, procrastination, low self esteem, unhealthy relationship with money, not being enough, etc…) and get things done. “Done & sold” beats “perfect” any day of the week.

My suggestion to get your expertise packaged, sold and delivered:

Work with someone who is highly recommended. Preferably someone who has delivered the results they promise for someone you know and trust… or you’ve seen/experienced your colleague’s product. In short, do your research because a good expert is not cheap… so you don’t want to throw away your “rainy day” fund to the vultures.

Any questions? Happy to help. Book a time to chat here.

Big caring hugs Rockstars,