I get that question a lot from my new clients… and it’s an exciting one! It means something new is about to start, or it’s new beginnings. EXCITING!

So, what’s in a business name? How much time or money should you spend on finding a name when you start your company? It depends, but generally, not a lot of time and surely not a lot of money.

And please, don’t use this as a distracting shinny object that would keep you away from business development activities, signing up new clients… or don’t wait for your business cards to arrive before you get out and amongst it. I have a secret for you… the person to whom your business name, or your new business cards matter the most… is you!

Your clients care about you caring about them. Boom!

Now, back to the company name topic…

My client Jodie found this article on the Huffington Post… and it’s quite entertaining. It gives us examples of really cool Australian business names. Some of them creative, descriptive… even a little shocking (VinoMofo).

So, what should you name your business?  The OOmph!! Group or Nat Binette?

Ask yourself this:
1- Do I want to build a company or a practice?

What’s the difference?
A practice is built around your skills and can’t go on without you. You are the product and the brand.  You could have assistants or employees, but your expertise is the heart of the company. Think about Dr Woo’s vet practice where he has two technicians and a receptionist… or Mario’s digital media agency with virtual assistants in Malaysia. No Dr Woo, no practice… same goes for Mario.

A company is built around products, has employees and could be sold. I’m sure you can think of a million examples.

Sometimes people build practices and then transform them into companies… like Nat Binette Consultant, to Nat Binette & Co, to The OOmph!! Group.

Both models work and can be quite profitable. And you don’t have to “evolve” into a company. For most coaches, consultants, public figures, a practice set up is a great option and can totally be scaled, by on boarding the right talent, and automating as much as possible of your processes.

2- What shall I name my business?

For a practice, your own name is totally suitable. It actually makes sense. As an example my practice is NatBinette.Com, my Facebook page is Nat Binette, my Twitter handle is @NatBinette, my LinkedIn profile is Nat Binette… you get the point. It makes me easy to find and has it’s ranking advantages. Google Nat Binette just for fun… see who comes up 😉

For a company… It’s time to get creative…or descriptive 🙂 As you can see from the examples in the Huffington Post… there are no rules for naming your company that will guarantee your company’s success. Your marketing plan on the other hand, could make you or brake you!

Big caring hugs Rockstars!