You’ve spent the last 20 or 30 years improving your product or service… or expertise. You’ve delivered. You’ve contributed… but what’s going to happen to all your knowledge and expertise when you hang your boots?

Many companies invest millions of dollars in professional development every year but don’t invest a single dollar in capturing the legacy their professional development investment ($$) could create.  It’s pretty much like saying, we’ll plant seeds, we’ll water the plants, we’ll keep them healthy… and then we’ll burn the crops. Simply silly.

Hmm… what’s stopping  you and smart companies from capturing the intellectual property legacy you / they’ve developed in your / their employees’ brains?

3 key factors stopping you or your company from capturing your IP legacy:

  1. Don’t know how to “download” the expert’s knowledge.
  2. Don’t know how to structure the expertise / experience message into content that will enhance the knowledge of the next generation, producing predictable and repeatable outcomes.
  3. Don’t capture it in a way that is time effective or does not disrupt the productivity of the expert or the company.

So, what’s the solution?

What if there was a service provider with decades of experience that could “download” your expert’s knowledge, package it in a format that ensures the expertise is passed on, and the learners achieve predictable and repeatable outcomes… without disrupting productivity?

If you know your company is currently burning the crops and you want to capture your IP legacy to keep driving outstanding results for your clients, get in touch. We’ll explain how you can get it done asap.

Nat Binette


Nat is the founder of She is an expert at capturing experts’ legacy and creating world-class educational resources. She is a Lecturer and creates course contents for Deakin University in Melbourne. Nat is the AUTHORITY in online mentoring for Financial Planners in Australia. Her programs teach financial advisers how to deliver more advice, to more clients, while achieving better retention.