Have you been thinking about creating an online program? Do you like the idea of packaging your expertise into content that can be delivered online so that you can make money in your sleep?

Then I’ve got good news for you!

So many of my subscribers tell me that this is such an important goal for them in 2016, so I’ve pulled together a 7 step ‘cheat sheet’ on how to make it happen.

The good news is….

—it’s easier than you think.

So here we go, steps 1-4 today and then I’ll be back with steps 5-7 tomorrow.

1. Find out what’s going to sell

There’s no point investing your time and energy creating a program that no one wants to buy, so the first thing you need to do is research what your market is ALREADY looking for. There are a couple of ways to do this.

First pay attention to what people are already asking for. What are the most common questions you hear? You can also research this with one simple question. Ask, ‘What’s your number one question about (insert your topic here)?’

Pay particular attention to the key words and phrases used in the answers you get. These can be important clues to the right name for your product or program or which specific language to use when it comes to launching and selling your program.

2. Identify the hook

From your research you will see a common theme emerge. This will likely be a key problem or obstacle your market wants to overcome, or a specific goal they want to achieve. This is the ‘hook’ for your product or program.

3. Pricing your program

OK I could do a whole webinar on just this topic. Here are some pointers to help you get the right price for your program:

The great thing about selling online products and programs is that once the program is created, the delivery costs are normally low. That means you can do the work ONCE, then get paid, paid, paid, paid, paid….

However, there will be other costs that you want to factor into your pricing. For example, if you are planning to promote your program using affiliates or JV partners, then the industry standard is 50% of the retail price, so you want to choose a price that allows that and still gives you a good margin.

Even without affiliates, you are still going to have marketing costs, for example, advertising and promotion, so you need to factor that in when setting your price.

A really common mistake people make, especially when starting out, is to price the program too low in the hope that it will mean a higher volume of sales. In reality this rarely works out, because there’s just not enough margin for you to invest in the marketing you need to have your program really take off.

My advice, create a premium offering and go for premium pricing. Far better to focus on the top 10% of your market who are willing to pay extra for a premium solution than to try and sell to the 10% who make buying decisions solely on price.

4. Create your online program 

So this is the step where you can usually get overwhelmed. How do you take everything you know about your topic and package it into manageable chunks for your audience, and after you’ve done that, how do you distribute it online and manage things like password protection, preventing unauthorized copying etc, etc?

The good news is, that’s what we do. We take care of all the tech, the structuring, the marketing and you can focus on delivering amazing value to your clients. This translates into more clients, more time and more money for you.

We’ve done this once or twice… and we know you can be up and running, with world class content and client experience, within the next 5 weeks.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with steps 5, 6 and 7!


Big caring hugs Rockstars,


How would this apply to your business?