This is what it’s all about.

If you’re not wanting to get up, hate Monday’s, count sleeps till your next holidays, have no energy, putting on weight and can’t be bothered in general…you probably hate your job and may have only chosen your career to please others….to survive.

That’s absolute crap…and you’re not alone.

I clearly remember the days of corporate bliss…hanging out with my fellow zombies, pleasing the corporate psychopaths we called “boss”… Hours and hours of corporate slavery bliss, negotiating with ourselves and strategising to find new ways to silence our internal alarm system… Doing our best to get through one more day without a straight jacket! Mwahahahaha… (Somber laugh)

And you know what’s even better… Getting the rug pulled from under our feet when we are least expecting it. The R word… (Redundancy). Now, that’s just plain rude!

So. What does one do? How do you find your true calling?
An occupation that makes your heart sing and pays your bills?

You go deep. You find that spark and your nurture it. You grow it to wild fire proportion and you fuel it. Keeping your firefighting friends and family at bay in the process….making new friends, new allies and you set up your passion driven business. Like. A. Boss!

If you’re done living like a zombie and you want to thrive from your passion, get in touch. We help people like you make the transition, every day.

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