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Booking an appointment
Which appointment should I select below?
1. If we've never met and you want to talk to me before your first official session, please select the FREE Initial Conversation. This is a 30-minute phone conversation.
2. When you're ready for a Therapeutic Listening session, please select your preferred type of Therapeutic Listening appointment.
You can decide to have your session in person at my office in Pascoe Vale South, or by Zoom. 
The Therapeutic Listening Sessions are 60 minutes and can be extended to 2 hours when you need more time. 
The hourly rate is $150 and you will be required to pay for the first hour at the time of the booking.  If your session goes for more than an hour, the additional time will be invoiced at pro-rata.
Information about the Therapeutic Listening Sessions 
Why book a Therapeutic Listening session?
Everyone needs to talk sometimes. 
To be heard... without judgment. 
To be received, with compassion and kindness. 
To spend a moment with a friend and share a slice of life... confidentially.
Or to receive help to overcome a challenge.

What you can expect from our time together:
I'll listen to you, and converse with you.
And if you ask for my therapeutic advice, I'll make suggestions or recommendations. 

Why is it called Therapeutic Listening?
Because you walk away feeling better, lighter, clearer, happier or more hopeful, peaceful and empowered than when you arrive. You'll feel heard and connected to another human being. And that's really powerful.

How often can I have a Therapeutic Listening session?
Let's discuss your needs together when we meet.
What can you talk about in our sessions?
Anything. All our sessions are confidential.

Some of the challenges people have discussed in the sessions:
*Resolving or understanding the past
*Handling or changing the present
*Choosing and planning the future

*Solitude and social disconnection
*Grieving for a person or a pet
*Anxiety, overwhelm
*Depression, suicidal thoughts
*Unresourceful coping mechanisms like drinking or overeating
*Loss of direction ... looking for life purpose
*Career change or finding meaningful work
*Domestic and family violence 

What is not welcome in the sessions?
Abusive language or flirting with the listener are not welcome in these therapeutic sessions.  
Please note that therapeutic listening does not replace medical advice.

What are Nat's qualifications as a Therapeutic Listener?

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, an e-DISC psychometric profiling certification, and I am an associate NLP practitioner. I have been coaching and listening to people professionally for over 30 years.
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