[PERSPECTIVE] 3 tips to handle your bullying guru

Bullying takes various forms… and your gut always tells you when it’s happening.

Case study:

Rachel is a life coach. She charges $150 an hour.

In her coaching community, lead by a guru, she is constantly reminded that she should up her price, but she’s uncomfortable with this (for her own personal reason(s). (Who the f*** are the guru and community to judge her because of how much she charges? And please stop it with “limiting beliefs… not enough… modelling success… bla bla bla)

She should be celebrated! She HAS clients… PAYING clients… so she’s doing better than 90% of the coaches in that community 😉

Result: she experiences internal conflict.


  • Because she does not place more value on her services at the moment… but she’s getting clients and they’re happy and they come back and they refer her more business… She is WINNING but made to feel like a failure.
  • She feels “not good enough” if she keeps her price at $150… because of peer pressure and guru bullying… disguised as “I love you so much I want you to succeed”… “I know better because I’m making millions”…

Ultimately, she fears she won’t be as successful as she is told she should be, if she doesn’t charge more… because that’s what the guru says repeatedly.

What a load of BS.

I’ve been in business 20 years this year… selling consultative services, coaching and mentoring. No I’m not making 7 figures a year. Whateve!

I work from home (or anywhere in the world) and get to hang out with my really cool cat Charlie every day. My partner and I go overseas on holidays 4 times a year… for a total of 3 months. We have a beautiful home. Investments. We’re ok. We may never be rich. We may never own a beach house… So?

Success CAN be measured by other accomplishments than financial accomplishments.

And I’m much more chilled than most gurus. People actually like dealing with me because they feel good, we get shit done together and they have results.

So here’s the deal. Rachel doesn’t have to up her prices if her market is not prepared to pay more. Yes, it is a direct reflection of how she sees her value. Absolutely. But again, please keep in mind she HAS paying clients and LOVES what she does and is completely FULFILLED by the results her clients create from her coaching sessions. Rachel IS successful.


An option to increase her income:

What she can do, if she wants to boost her income, is DIVERSIFY AND ADD INCOME STREAMS non dependent on her time or location, to continue to gather evidence that she delivers results, for real, for her clients; Her expertise produces repeatable and measurable outcomes.

She could have multiple income streams, not dependent on her time and location, in her business, using her skills fully… and including various delivery methods to serve her clients.

How does one diversify their income and make those new income streams not dependent on time and location? Authority branding. Just like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Michelle Bridges, etc…

Authority branding is one of the ways Rachel could increase her overall income, without feeling like she’s over charging or ripping off her clients. In the end, Rachel may end up charging a larger hourly rate (or altogether moving away from charging by the hour) as she gathers evidence that the ROI her clients are getting, repeatedly, justifies her fees. (More information on the Authority Branding strategy here)

Between you and I, authority branding is the strategy I use for my own business. So I’m one of the few people who actually do for themselves what they encourage others to do… funny isn’t it? I might be an “anti-guru”… Bahaha!

The method I use for pricing my services is a % of the monthly ROI… which my clients are happy to pay… ’cause they get to keep most of the money we generate together…but that’s a conversation for another day.

Back to your bullying guru challenge…

How to handle the interaction with your guru and keep feeling awesome, competent, enough, successful? Here are my 3 top tips:

Next time your guru makes you feel like crap, consider this:

  • What value can you get out of their teachings to help you in your daily practice? If they have results, they have something valuable to share. Get that gold nugget and run!
  • How can you apply that in your business and stay 100% aligned with your values? That’s an individual exercise. Make sure you leave your bs excuses in the cupboard when you do this exercise… and take income producing action today!
  • Who else out there, in this big big world, is having the results you want and resonates more with you, your values, your market. Start hanging out with them. I guarantee you instant internal peace… and continued, incremental success.

Is this helpful?

Big caring hugs Rockstars!


How would this apply to your business?