Our Programs Are Made For The Real World.

Be the master of your destiny
You're here because you've identified a gap in your knowledge and you want to learn... or you're ready for a new career.
You want results and you're going to make things happen.

Our programs are designed to provide you with
Practical Business Knowledge That You Can Apply TODAY
So you can see RESULTS ASAP.
The four programs below are derived directly from the practices that are allowing us, and some of our partners, to build and sustain profitable 7 figure service and information businesses. 
If you're ready to embark on a game changing adventure, strap yourself in.  It's gonna be wild and fun ride!

Who this is for: 
Amazing humans who want to GET PAID to organise "SOLD OUT" 
fundraising events 

Pay It Forward AND Make Massive Money Doing What You Love!

Let us help you, and learn as you organise your very own events :
Select a cause. Rally champions. Fill your events. Make a generous donation AND get paid massive money doing what you love.

Join Claude Haggerty, Dean Hankey and Nat Binette to create your first SOLD OUT  fundraising event in the next 8 weeks and GET PAID for doing some GOOD in your community. 

Get paid for doing what you love. Make a HUGE difference. Leave a meaningful legacy.

Being an off the charts pro-active-make-it-happen-winner

Who this is for: 
Successful coaches wanting
to go from 6 to 7 figures

Master Legends Program

Go from a 6 to a 7-figure impact in your coaching, speaking, service or information business. 

Join Nat Binette, income stream creation expert, and world class marketing pros, as they share their business models and growth strategies.

Launch new income streams. Increase your reach and contribution. Leave a global legacy.


Who this is for: 
Coaches who want
to start getting paid regularly

$0 to $5k SYSTEM

Start getting paid regularly as a coach and be in a strong position to decide if you want to make a full-time transition into your passion business.

Join Nat Binette and learn the 6 steps for you to get paid up to $5000 per week from your coaching, using only FREE marketing strategies in person or on social media.

Gather evidence of your success. Get paid for doing what you love. Make a difference.


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